Protected: *Hikari*Tenshi* Giveaways

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37 comments on “Protected: *Hikari*Tenshi* Giveaways

  • oh all you have to do is to reply your tinierme’s selfy name, and tell me what you want according to the above ! šŸ™‚ then i will send it to you on tinierme . i have more items, but i havent updated this page yet. one item max a day

  • omg THANKSS!! (lol i deleted my comment cause i felt bad for taking the action items…xDDloll)
    cant wait for following this blog now šŸ™‚ love ya~

  • Hey, I’m from Selfy! Can I have the Prestige Punk casual outfit and the puffy sleeves one piece, if it’s okay? C: Too bad I missed the expressions though.

  • Hello!
    May I have the Cyber Charm Headphones (Pink)? If that is already gone, then the Layered Turtle Neck (White), please. ^^ Thank you in advance!

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